What is professional coaching?2023-10-05T21:13:47+05:00

Professional coaching is a collaborative process of learning, growth, transformation and change. Coaching aims to maximize one’s performance or well-being. It is a solution oriented and future focused process with major emphasis on exploration, awareness building, action and accountability.

How can a professional coach help me?2023-11-06T19:03:54+05:00

A professional coach can help shape strategies for achieving goals. Typically, through a series of structured conversations, professional coaches enable clients to gain new awareness, generate ideas, actions and commitments to achieve desired improvements and sustainable change.

What is the difference between a coach and a consultant?2023-11-06T19:04:55+05:00

A professional coach focuses on creating a safe space to explore, find your own answers and develop your own strategies for success. A consultant provides expert advice and may be hired to solve a specific problem or implement a particular solution.

How long does a coaching process typically last?2023-11-06T19:05:52+05:00

The duration of the coaching process can vary depending on your needs and goals. Some people work with a coach for a few months, while others may work with a coach for a year or more. It is important to discuss your needs and expectations at the beginning of the coaching relationship.

How often should I meet with my coach?2023-11-06T19:07:46+05:00

The frequency of coaching sessions depends on your needs and schedule. Some people meet for coaching weekly, while others meet bi-weekly or monthly. It is important to have regular sessions, but the schedule can be flexible.

What is the cost of professional coaching?2023-11-06T19:12:48+05:00

The cost of professional coaching varies depending on each client and their needs, as well as the frequency of sessions and length of the process, whether assessments are used at the start or end of the process, whether it’s a part of a larger developmental initiative, etc. The fees and payment terms are discussed at the beginning of the coaching relationship.

Is professional coaching worth the investment?2023-10-05T21:24:56+05:00

Investing in professional coaching can provide a high return on investment by helping you clarify your goals, develop a plan for success, and overcome challenges and obstacles. A professional coach can also provide valuable insights, support, and accountability as you implement changes and work towards your goals.

Teams & Groups

What is team coaching?2023-10-05T21:31:29+05:00

Team coaching is a process where a coach works with a team towards pre-determined goals, often related to improvement of performance, communication, collaboration, effectiveness, etc. The coach facilitates discussions, provides feedback, and helps the team develop new skills and strategies for success.

What is group coaching?2023-10-05T21:35:48+05:00

Group coaching is coaching of individuals in a group setting. The overarching theme for each group is the same, but individual goals of participants vary. Group coaching provides an opportunity for participants to be coached as well as to learn from each other’s experiences, ideas, and collective explorations of the key theme.

How does team coaching differ from individual coaching?2023-11-06T19:16:04+05:00

Team coaching focuses on the dynamics and interactions of the team as a whole, whereas individual coaching focuses on the development and growth of a single person. In team coaching, the goals people work towards are determined by the team and are the team’s goals. There are no individual goals in team coaching. Both types of coaching are valuable and can complement each other.

What are the benefits of team and group coaching?2023-10-05T21:45:06+05:00

Team coaching can help improve communication, collaboration, and decision-making. It can also help identify and address team challenges, build trust and accountability, and align the team around common goals.

Group coaching can provide a unique space for exploration, in some way less intense than 1 on 1 coaching. There is an element of collective wisdom, energy and experience that participants get to benefit from. It’s focused on a key theme that gets to be explored very deeply.

How do I know if my team needs coaching?2023-10-05T21:46:07+05:00

Some signs that your team may benefit from coaching include:

  • Difficulty in making decisions or reaching consensus
  • Lack of trust or accountability among team members
  • Communication challenges
  • Conflicts or interpersonal issues
  • Difficulty in adapting to change
  • Lack of alignment around goals and priorities
  • Lack of collaboration and silo mentality
Can I do both individual and team coaching?2023-10-05T21:46:34+05:00

Yes, many people find it beneficial to participate in both, individual and team coaching. Individual coaching can help you develop your own skills and strategies for success, while team coaching can help improve the dynamics and effectiveness of your team.

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